Greyhawk North

Quest for the Silver Sword - Part 2
Ending the Curse of Eternal Winter

-the group starts out at the Dragon’s Den in Torylynn, after resting
-the meet a new part member, Corvo, an elvish Wizard
-the return to Barrik’s Keep to free the town from the curse of eternal winter
-the defeat several giant centipedes and some animate armor (heating metal only makes it more dangerous!)
-they defeat a gelatinous cube (dropping a chandelier from the ceiling with Ward casting Heat Metal on it)
-a giant spitting beetle nearly scares Link’s face, but he is terribly lucky
-after defeating his ratlings, the group allows Keshute, the Rat King, to go free (perhaps they will meet him another day…)
-the group rescues Elladin Silvercrest and his companions, who were frozen in ice (and not dead after all)
-Elladin commands the Silver Sword to break free from the ice, but the broken magical ice takes the form of an Ice Golem
-the Ice Golem deals a severe wound to Berry the Bear; he will never be quite the same
-Elladin lives in the Adrl forest, and promises friendship to the party
-the group returns to Torylnn, to enjoy a feast and many thanks from the townspeople
-Elladin offers a thank you gift of diamonds to the party

Quest for the Silver Sword - Part 1
Freeing the Village of Torlynn from the curse of eternal winder

-Lilrig frees himself from jail after borrowing Toby’s tools
-Lilrig and Toby drink some brandy behind the Dragon’s Den tavern
-the group is approached by a man from Torlynn who seeks their help to remove the curse of eternal winter that plagues that village
-the group travels to Torlynn
-random attack by giant wasps: Lilrig, like an acrobat, jumps onto the giant wasp’s back!
-they travel to the ruins near Torlynn
-Link surround by blue flame and gains intelligence from the ghost of the dead wizard Barrick
-magic skull explodes, but the group surives
-the group finds a crystal key
-the group finds a magical dinner bell and enjoys steaks, cheese & garlic (ummm, and hotsauce, don’t forget the hotsauce!)
-Berry temporarily becomes a bearsicle from the venom of the White Widow spider
-Ratlings….and more Ratlings…..and still more Ratlings…..always Ratlings!
-Ward nobly turns away several undead from the Tomb
-the party survives all of the traps in the Throne Room [why they opened the one with the Fireball, who knows :) ]
-Lilrig gets in a nice little nap
-Toby shoots an arrow into the false bottom in the final coffin and releases a spraying jet of Green Slime; Toby runs away (bravely)!
-Ratlings suffer various humilations at the hands and feet of the party (hotsauce, anyone?)
-the group
-Toby moons the Ratlings, to great comedic effect
-the group has SEVERAL close calls, and leaves the dungeon to rest up in Torylnn for a couple of days


-the group cleans up after the epic battle in the guard tower Ruins of Elemental Evil
-the leader of the guard tower flees into the night
-the group discovers the secret tunnel he used to escape
-Lilriq’s brother Colby has disappeared as well (good luck to you Colby, wherever you are!)
-Toby and Link build a new house in the Halfling Village
-Toby tries to adopt a child but is refused because his Aunt, the village clerk, is too distraught
-Toby sneaks his adoption paperwork into the pile anyway, hoping that will work
-Ward enjoys a quiet night sipping wine by the fireplace
-Ward finds another bear near his property and makes a new home for Berriella beside Berry
-Berriella and Berry are very friendly
-Lilriq tries to start a fight in the tavern
-Lilriq and Link get thrown in jail
-Link bends the bars to escape from jail
-Toby sneaks in and tries to do a Mission Impossible style rescue (cue the Theme Music…da da, da da da da, da da da da, da da da da , da da, da na na, da na na….)
-Link and Toby eventually get a night’s sleep
-Lilriq is still in jail

Ruins of Elemental Evil

-the group uses the silver the key to open the door to Astabor’s chamber, after defeating the imp
-Toby and Link disappear into The Void, where the zombified Astabor waits
-Ward throws some books around and eventually dislodges the Wand of Wonders from the magic circle, breaking the spell and releasing the spirits of Ravenna, Astabor, and all of the others trapped in the manor
-the party now has a house in Rel Astra they can go to, if they pay to keep it maintained
-the party wanders around town; when they pass the Griffin Tavern, Nagle passes Link, Ward, and Toby some notes that were left for them
-they discuss plans, and meet Colby and Lilrig
-a bar brawl breaks out among them; Nagle is knocked out; guard and coming and the group flees the scene
-Lilrig has a great idea: “I’ll run off and get kidnapped” but they don’t act on the plan
-they visit the Grandwood Forest before setting out for the Temple of Elemental Evil
-Toby and Link learn from their Uncle Manning that their cousin, Aileen, has also been kidnapped or captured
-on the way they pass an ogre eating a turtle
-the Ruins are explored, as is the guard tower
-they fight some giant ravens and a small army in the tower
-the leader triggers a stone-fall trap that kills most of his men, except those near Link, of course
-the leader seems to have run off somewhere; he ran into a small room and seems to have disappeared
-Ward avoids getting poison; everyone has lots of cool moves
-we leave off with the adventurers looting the two rooms and the bodies of the guards (except for the one lieutenant they spared)

The Mad Manor of Astabor - Part 2

The party awakens. A woman is standing by Link, who is sleeping in Cedric’s bed and asks them to unravel the secrets of the Mad Manor of Astabor.

The group explores the strange magic of the house:
-the creature that takes the form of Cedric
-the “turn to stone” rat room
-the fruit that changes your colour
-the butterfly room (Toby’s ring of Caterpillar Control comes in handy!)
-the shrinking room (Toby brilliantly uses the Potion of Growth to get the chest)
-the mysterious stinking jug room
-the chess room
-the wind tunnel
-the poltergeists who toss books and other objects at the group
-the loud bangs coming from behind the walls
-the gem closet that painfully rains down gems

They find the body of Ravenna, the woman who appeared to Link, and determined that she was really a ghost.

They are taunted by some kind of invisible entity, despite Toby’s “Naming of the Caterpillars,” “The Derp Drawing,” and other annoyances. The spirit suggests various things that sound good to the group, such as Link’s trip to the Gem Closet.

They find all the skulls, and arrange them on the dinner plates. They arrange them wrong the first time, causing lightning to strike the group but get it right the second time. The painting of the Moon reveals a secret compartment with some treasure and a silver key.

The Mad Manor of Astabor - Part 1

The party (without Merlin, who is off studying) travels to Rel Astra to investigate the house of the Chemist Cedric where Toby was poisoned by a dart and nearly died.

Barry and the Elven Brothers’ horses remain outside.

Cedric, they learn, is a werewolf who was seeking a cure in the house next door where he smashed through a wall to gain entry.

They clear out some of the rooms, finding skulls along the way.

They end by sleeping in Cedric’s room, with Link in his bed.

The Ruined Moathouse - Part 2

After resting and repairing for a brief time in Hommlet, the group explores the rest of the Ruined Moathouse, which is an outpost of the Temple of Elemental Evil

-Elmo helps out, except for the part where he cut his belt and his pants fell down, which distracted some of the monsters
-creatures defeated include gnolls, a giant crayfish, and a LOT of human guards
-Lareth the Beautiful is defeated and his treasure is taken
-Merlin finds some of the gems he needs
-Toby has to cremate some of his caterpillar friends who, sadly, died when he sent this into the underwear of the enemy

The Ruined Moathouse - Part 1

On our 7th adventure, the group explored the ruined Moathouse outside of Hommlet, which is a guardhouse for the Temple of Elemental Evil.

-the group fights a swarm of zombies, and lubash the ogre
-defeats giant lizards, giant ticks, and green slimes (Link’s quick thinking to use fire helps save the day

Tower of Zenopus & More!

This was our 6th adventure.

-the group (including Merlin, who is feeling better!) explored some more of the Tower of Zenopus
-monsters fought include rats & skeletons
-Merlin has a REALLY close call with a skeleton
-“It must be an Ooze!”
-Ward throws up in a bucket of horse hair (yech!)
-Wizard turns Toby to stone (luckily only once)
-the group lures the Wizard’s giant ape back into his cage

-the group travels back to the Grandwood Forest
-the group invites an Ogre for lunch
-Ward befriends Berry the Bear
-Ward builds his house
-Toby buys a horse & a house
-Toby and Link are rewarded for spreading their Aunt’s ashes

-Toby practices Thievery in Rel Astra
-Toby watches two men settle a bet (“A rat could totally kill a scorpion!”) by flipping a coin
-Toby camps in some guy’s backyard after helping him catch his papers that the wind was blowing away
-“Don’t be surprised if you hear screaming during the night!”
-then Toby breaks into his house
-Toby disables one trap, but forgets to check for another one; Toby is badly poisoned, but fortunately he finds his way to a hospital just in time

Short but sweet

This was our 5th adventure, and it was a short one

-Ward’s been planning to purchase a Halfling-sized house and furnishings
-Toby is showing signs of kleptomania (3 failed attempts at breaking and entering), but manages to steal the cash at the Green Dragon Inn in Roland (with Link’s help)
-the group returns to the Tower of Zenopus, clearing a few more rooms
-level up for Toby
-Link has some problems in combat, but no one is seriously hurt
-Ward perfects his “Turtle Up!” strategy and emerges from the dungeon without a scratch
-creatures killed: 6 goblins and 5 dwarves (a pretty light day’s work)
-Toby REALLY wants to drink that mysterious potion the group found!
-when Toby was ready to level the group left the dungeon and spent a week in Roland while Toby was training


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