Greyhawk North

The Grove & the Ruined Moathouse

Our second adventure:

-attended the nature ceremony in the Old Grove
-learned more about the Temple of Elemental Evil
-accused of theft by Zert, who did not live long to complain too loudly
-the party was caught by Spugnoir breaking into his room (again) but his his attempt at revenge did not succeed
-“Spiders and Frogs and Snakes! Oh My!”
-Toby almost gets swallowed whole by a giant frog
-“I cut open the giant frog!”
-“I’m going to puke”
-“I cut open the giant spider!”
-“I’m going to puke again”
-ambushed by bandits
-Elmo can’t hit anything, drops his axe in the swamp, and then hits himself in the leg! (glug…glug…)
-we ended with the group sleeping in an old abandoned bedroom

Will they make it through the night….?


todd_sturgeon_1 todd_sturgeon_1

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