Greyhawk North

Quest for the Silver Sword - Part 1

Freeing the Village of Torlynn from the curse of eternal winder

-Lilrig frees himself from jail after borrowing Toby’s tools
-Lilrig and Toby drink some brandy behind the Dragon’s Den tavern
-the group is approached by a man from Torlynn who seeks their help to remove the curse of eternal winter that plagues that village
-the group travels to Torlynn
-random attack by giant wasps: Lilrig, like an acrobat, jumps onto the giant wasp’s back!
-they travel to the ruins near Torlynn
-Link surround by blue flame and gains intelligence from the ghost of the dead wizard Barrick
-magic skull explodes, but the group surives
-the group finds a crystal key
-the group finds a magical dinner bell and enjoys steaks, cheese & garlic (ummm, and hotsauce, don’t forget the hotsauce!)
-Berry temporarily becomes a bearsicle from the venom of the White Widow spider
-Ratlings….and more Ratlings…..and still more Ratlings…..always Ratlings!
-Ward nobly turns away several undead from the Tomb
-the party survives all of the traps in the Throne Room [why they opened the one with the Fireball, who knows :) ]
-Lilrig gets in a nice little nap
-Toby shoots an arrow into the false bottom in the final coffin and releases a spraying jet of Green Slime; Toby runs away (bravely)!
-Ratlings suffer various humilations at the hands and feet of the party (hotsauce, anyone?)
-the group
-Toby moons the Ratlings, to great comedic effect
-the group has SEVERAL close calls, and leaves the dungeon to rest up in Torylnn for a couple of days


todd_sturgeon_1 todd_sturgeon_1

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