Greyhawk North

Quest for the Silver Sword - Part 2

Ending the Curse of Eternal Winter

-the group starts out at the Dragon’s Den in Torylynn, after resting
-the meet a new part member, Corvo, an elvish Wizard
-the return to Barrik’s Keep to free the town from the curse of eternal winter
-the defeat several giant centipedes and some animate armor (heating metal only makes it more dangerous!)
-they defeat a gelatinous cube (dropping a chandelier from the ceiling with Ward casting Heat Metal on it)
-a giant spitting beetle nearly scares Link’s face, but he is terribly lucky
-after defeating his ratlings, the group allows Keshute, the Rat King, to go free (perhaps they will meet him another day…)
-the group rescues Elladin Silvercrest and his companions, who were frozen in ice (and not dead after all)
-Elladin commands the Silver Sword to break free from the ice, but the broken magical ice takes the form of an Ice Golem
-the Ice Golem deals a severe wound to Berry the Bear; he will never be quite the same
-Elladin lives in the Adrl forest, and promises friendship to the party
-the group returns to Torylnn, to enjoy a feast and many thanks from the townspeople
-Elladin offers a thank you gift of diamonds to the party


todd_sturgeon_1 todd_sturgeon_1

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